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Running out of room in your datacenter? Have security concerns with the cloud? Thinking about optimizing your storage? Many cloud vendors are rethinking these very issues to solve these problems. Learn more about Microsoft, NetApp, Seagate, CommVault, and what they’re doing about the cloud.
Start thinking about how your solution can enhance IoT. The world’s attention will shift to wearables, biometrics, sensor enabled customer responsiveness, telemetry driven product updates, etc.
Quit talking speeds and feeds. Focus on cloud’s business value in your conversations with decision makers!
Customers think the ongoing management of cloud services is easy. It’s not. Consider building a Managed Services practice.

Allytics: A Leader in Cloud Marketing

Our position, helping world technology leaders tell their cloud story, has given us insights that we believe will empower you as you move toward a new cloud reality. You can expect us to share these insights through the form of blogs, articles, case studies, and pass-alongs. Visit often to see what’s new.

Empower Business Evolution

Transform your company into a cloud-powered business with Allytics Differentiation Services. We’ll work with you to establish your strategic direction and uncover the unique value of your solutions.

Inspire Customers

Our Creative On-Demand services turn complex technological concepts into clear, easy-to-consume, visual elements that drive deeper customer engagement with your brand.

Tell Powerful Cloud Stories

With our Cloud Storytelling expertise, we create compelling narratives centered on your core technology and service portfolio to move customers to action.

Allytics Differentiation Services

Whether you’re new to the cloud, expanding your product line, or shifting direction, Allytics has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate this change. Together we can:

  • Discover where you’ve been and where you need to go
  • Create a central, lasting product marketing vision
  • Build effective marketing stories for your product
  • Successfully implement your narrative in-market

Creative On-Demand

No matter how complex, multi-faceted, or feature-rich your solution is, you need a storyline that is easy for customers to follow. Allytics can tell even the most complicated story in a variety of visually appealing ways. With us, you will:

  • Achieve a look and feel that attracts customer attention
  • Bring your story home with stunning visuals
  • Land your message with the masses in 2 minutes or less

Cloud Storytelling

Regardless of who your customers are, it’s important to present your cloud service in a clear, compelling way. Allytics has the experience to deliver the message that will move your customers to action. Your story will:

  • Deliver strong targeted narratives that captivate audiences
  • Maximize customer touch points with enticing campaigns
  • Put your sales people in the driver’s seat with structured enablement
  • Gain commitment from customers with convincing pitches

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Cloud Blog

  • DevOps — Bridging the Great IT Divide on the Way to the Cloud

    June 19, 2015rack_101010

    One of the cool things about the cloud revolution is that it’s causing organizations to rethink a lot of things that they do, and how they do them—–virtually everything they do, from where their data…

  • Cloudy Days: Will IoT turn your current cloud strategy into a dead end? (and more links)

    June 16, 2015Create-Team-misc.-picjumbo

    By the year 2020, more than 50 billion devices and objects will be connected through the Internet of Things. Forward-thinking businesses and organizations should capitalize on the advancements that IoT is expected to bring.…

  • Overcoming 5 Common Objections to Cloud

    June 11, 2015stop_sign_cloud-220x220

    We spend a great deal of time at Allytics writing FAQs and Battlecards for our customers who are building their cloud offerings. One thing is always clear, even though the cloud is here and…

  • Cloudy Days: Statistics on how the cloud is shifting how we do business (and more links)

    June 8, 2015

    A new Forbes article nicely breaks down the major findings of a late 2014 survey of business and IT executives worldwide about the use of cloud technology. Here’s one significant trend: "44% of enterprises…


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Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, a part of the Seattle metropolitan area known for its coffee, cloudy businesses, and weather, Allytics has enabled technology firms across the world to tell their cloud story. Over the past 10 years, Allytics has helped shape messages in key technology areas including: virtualization, enterprise software, data center, and cloud. With clients large and small – servicing hundreds of millions of users, and delivering thousands of products – the impact of our marketing has spread far and wide.

If you have a cloud story to tell, you can be confident Allytics will help you find your voice. Our seasoned marketers know the space, can drive to the heart of your value, and will deliver the marketing support to take your customer offerings to the next level.


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