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DevOps — Bridging the Great IT Divide on the Way to the Cloud

One of the cool things about the cloud revolution is that it’s causing organizations to rethink a lot of things that they do, and how they do them—–virtually everything they do, from where their data is stored to how they deliver their applications. Even their core business models and processes are up for grabs.  This has become a critical time…

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Overcoming 5 Common Objections to Cloud

We spend a great deal of time at Allytics writing FAQs and Battlecards for our customers who are building their cloud offerings. One thing is always clear, even though the cloud is here and has obvious value, there’s always a segment of customers that are just not quite ready for the move. Here are a few of the top…

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Cloudy Days: Statistics on how the cloud is shifting how we do business (and more links)

A new Forbes article nicely breaks down the major findings of a late 2014 survey of business and IT executives worldwide about the use of cloud technology. Here’s one significant trend: "44% of enterprises are relying on cloud computing to launch new business models today, predicting this will increase to 55% in three years." Here's another: "69% of enterprises…

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